1 177155 4 (I Miss U)

category :

Commissioned By: Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band

Premiere: Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band (1995)

Instrumentation: Symphonic Band

1 177155 4 is decoded as I Miss U (I miss you) and the numbers 1 177155 4 are used here as the main musical inspiration of the entire piece. The pitches are transcribed as doh doh si si doh soh soh fa (Solfege).

A Voyage Of Songs

category :

Language: English

Based on words by Nelson Kwei, A Voyage of Songs is the theme song for the choral competition held in Genting, Malaysia in 2003. Available Scores: SATB

Bengawan Solo

category :

Premiere: Brass Kinetics (2005)

Instrumentation: Brass Quintet

This piece is a rearrangement of an Indonesian song about the legendary River Solo. The song was originally written in 1940 by Gesang Martohartono, in ‘Kroncong’ style. The song describes the beauty of the river and the important role it served as a link between Solo and the north cost of East Java.


category :

Commissioned By: Tanjong Katong Secondary School (2011)

Instrumentation: Symphonic Band

Celestial Blossoms

category :

Commissioned By: Singapore National Day Parade 2004

Premiere: Singapore National Symphony Orchestra (2004)

Instrumentation: Full Orchestra

Celestial Blossoms is written specially for the fire works display during Singapore’s National Day Parade in 2004.


category :

Premiere: Gabriel Pophilat (2006)

Instrumentation: 2 Marimbas

It’s a musical chase between the two marimbas, for sheer fun.


category :

Premiere: Vincent Gnojek on Alto Saxophone, and Philwinds (2004)

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble

This is a single movement work with three large sections. The music explores the altissimo register, the lyrical quality of the middle section and its virtuosic running passages.

Concerto For Marimba & Wind Ensemble

category :

Commissioned By: University of Kansas, and Philwinds (Singapore)

Premiere: Kevin Bobo (Marimba) and University of Kansas (2007)

Instrumentation: Marimba, Wind Ensemble

Concerto for Vibraphone and Wind Ensemble

category :

Commissioned By: Philwinds (2010)

Instrumentation: Vibraphone and Wind Ensemble

Dayung Sampan

category :

Commissioned By: Temasek Junior College Choir

Premiere: Temasek Junior College Choir (1993)

Language: Malay

An arrangement of a Malay folk song. Available Scores: SATB