Sing Song

Commissioned By: Chamber of Sounds (2011)

Singaporean Folk Song Suite

Commissioned By: Jin Li and Ong Lip Tat

Premiere: Jin Li (Violin) and Ong Lip Tat (Piano) (2nd Nov 2008)

Instrumentation: Piano, Violin

Soundscapes Of Temasek

Commissioned By: Mus’Arts Percussion ensemble for WMC 2009

Sui Mu

Commissioned By: Magnetic Band

Premiere: Magnetic Band (Pipa – Chua Yew kok, Violin – Seah Huan Yuh & Vocals - Koh Ai Ming) (2005)

Instrumentation: Pipa, Violin and Mezzo-soprano

Based on a poem by Xie Ling Yun, the poem depicts deep sorrows, and the lament on how time flies.

Suite for Saxophone and piano

Premiere: Professor Shyen Lee in Thailand New Music Festival (2010)

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone and Piano

T’was the Bamboo

Commissioned By: Slide That! (2010)

Instrumentation: Trombone octet

T’was the Winds and T’was the Grass

Commissioned By: Allégresse Trio (2010)

Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe and Piano

Three Pieces For Gorgias

Commissioned By: Gorgias

Premiere: Gorgias (2000)

Instrumentation: Solo Clarinet

Cast in 3 movements – (i) Journey, (ii) Basking, and (iii) Serenade

Two Songs By A.R.Rahman

Commissioned By: Tang Quartet, Singapore


Commissioned By: Tang Quartet, Singapore