1 177155 4 (I Miss U)

Commissioned By: Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band

Premiere: Victoria Junior College Symphonic Band (1995)

Instrumentation: Symphonic Band

1 177155 4 is decoded as I Miss U (I miss you) and the numbers 1 177155 4 are used here as the main musical inspiration of the entire piece. The pitches are transcribed as doh doh si si doh soh soh fa (Solfege).

A Voyage Of Songs

Language: English

Based on words by Nelson Kwei, A Voyage of Songs is the theme song for the choral competition held in Genting, Malaysia in 2003. Available Scores: SATB


Commissioned By: Tanjong Katong Secondary School (2011)

Instrumentation: Symphonic Band

Celestial Blossoms

Commissioned By: Singapore National Day Parade 2004

Premiere: Singapore National Symphony Orchestra (2004)

Instrumentation: Full Orchestra

Celestial Blossoms is written specially for the fire works display during Singapore’s National Day Parade in 2004.


Premiere: Gabriel Pophilat (2006)

Instrumentation: 2 Marimbas

It’s a musical chase between the two marimbas, for sheer fun.


Premiere: Vincent Gnojek on Alto Saxophone, and Philwinds (2004)

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble

This is a single movement work with three large sections. The music explores the altissimo register, the lyrical quality of the middle section and its virtuosic running passages.

Concerto For Marimba & Wind Ensemble

Commissioned By: University of Kansas, and Philwinds (Singapore)

Premiere: Kevin Bobo (Marimba) and University of Kansas (2007)

Instrumentation: Marimba, Wind Ensemble

Concerto for Vibraphone and Wind Ensemble

Commissioned By: Philwinds (2010)

Instrumentation: Vibraphone and Wind Ensemble

Drive slow, Drive fast

Commissioned By: Christoven Tan (July 2011)


Commissioned By: CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Choir

Premiere: CHIJ (Toa Payoh) (2008)

Language: English