Commissioned By: Singapore Symphony Orchestra, New Music Forum

Premiere: Shane Thio on Piano, and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (2004)

Instrumentation: Full Orchestra and Piano

Metadragon is a miniature piano concerto in one continuous movement.


Commissioned By: Felix Chang

Premiere: Felix Chang (2005)

Instrumentation: Piano

The music involves 4 short miniatures – Prelude, Ground Bass, Recitatives and Toccata.

Narcissus And Echo

Commissioned By: Singapore Youth Choir ensemble singers

Premiere: Singapore Youth Choir ensemble singers (2004)

Language: English

Based on the Greek Mythology of the same title, this song uses the symmetrical intervals to depict Narcissus staring at his own reflection in the water. Available Scores: SATB

Piano Trio

Premiere: Students from University of Kansas (2000)

Instrumentation: Violin, Cello and Piano

Involving three movements – Xu (序), Huan (缓) and Ji (急). Introduction, slow and meditative and then rush.

Portrait of Liang Wen Fu for Wind Ensemble

Commissioned By: Philwinds (2010)

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

Rasa Sayang Variations

Instrumentation: Piano

Rasa Sayang Variations is a collection of themes and 17 variations for piano.

Ripples I

Commissioned By: Ong Teng Cheong Concert 2004

Premiere: Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts musicians (2004)

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Marimba, 2 Vibraphones & 2 Pianos

The music depicts the sounds of ripples, rain and water.

Ripples II

Premiere: Albert Lin (2004)

Instrumentation: Piano

Based on Ripples I (for Mallets and 2 Pianos), Ripples II describes the beauty of rain, water and waves.


Premiere: Wang Tong and Timothy Koh (2003)

Instrumentation: Flute and Piano

In the style of late 19th century solo work.

Sang Nila

Commissioned By: West Winds (Singapore) with funds from Singapore National Arts Council.

Premiere: West winds, Choirs of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Amadeus and Victoria Junior College (2005)

Instrumentation: Full Wind Ensemble, 10 Percussionists and Chorus

Sang Nila is a musical tribute to the man who gave Singapore its name. The music explores the beauty of Gamelan music, and the ethnic voices in traditional style.